March 2013

Lincoln Memorial Gardens, a place for reflecting

There are some places that you may have visited all of your life that just call for you to return year after year, season after season. That is the way it is with Lincoln Memorial Gardens, a beautiful park filled with Midwestern plants and wooded paths that is lovely during any season. Famous landscape architect […]

Ghost Tour St. Augustine Style!

Without a doubt there are enough stories and history in the oldest city in America to come up with several haunted stories to “shiver me timbers” on the most dedicated cynic. Admitedly not believing in ghosts, my husband and I set out on the “Trolley of the Doomed” on the Ghosts & Gravestones Trolley Tour […]

The Amazing Lightener Museum

Beautiful is the most concise word I can think of to describe the Lightener Museum. We toured this former hotel converted to a museum and saw amazing furniture, pictures, glassware, architecture and on and on. The museum is named after the former owner Chicago publisher Otto Lightner who purchased the building in 1946. Formerly the […]

St. Augustine Eco Tours, sightseeing from the water!

What is a visit to St. Augustine without a chance to get on the water and see some of the sea life that makes this area so spectacular? On our trip to St. Augustine we had the chance to meet up with Zach McKenna the owner of St. Augustine Eco Tours. An environmentalist at heart, […]

Castillo de San Marcos, standing strong - Photo by Keith Ladage

I think many of us have a tendency to think that American history begins with the Pilgrims and Jamestown. We sometimes forget that a whole lot of action was taking place in the southeast portion of the United States, in particular St. Augustine. It is worthwhile to visit and immerse yourself for a couple hours […]

Old Town Trolley, the way to see St. Augustine - Photo by Keith Ladage

The best way to see the city of St. Augustine is by a ride on Old Town Trolley. Once you have the ticket then you can select where you want to go and hop on and hop off. When traveling to the Oldest City in the continental US, we parked the car and headed out […]

Living it up at Meehans!

When I look back on a trip, one of the things I remember most is where we ate and the atmosphere created by the places we stopped at. Meehans Irish Pub & Seafood House has created a wonderful environment that reaches out and beckons visitors to come in and enjoy. What part of the restaurant […]

St. Francis Inn, It's all about the food

Besides being the oldest Inn in America, I had to gush about the food at the St. Francis Inn. Every morning when we stayed there this past February there was a gourmet breakfast, homeade desserts at dinner and more! Check it out at!

                                  St. Augustine's St. Francis Inn,  a great place to stay!

On a recent trip to St. Augustine my husband Keith and I had the pleasure of staying at the beautiful St. Francis Inn that has the distinction of being the oldest inn in America. How cool is it to be staying in the oldest city in the US, at the oldest Inn around the corner […]

The Firehouse at the Florida Flywheelers

The firehouse is filled with an array of antique fire fighting collectibles. For those that are interested in fire fighting memorabilia, this is a great place to include when the Flywheelers are open for an event. I have been coming to this show for years and just really noticed all the fire truck toys on […]