July 2013

Fish education at the Little Grassy Fish Hatchery!- Photo by Rose Hammitt

Brenda Garver is awesome. Brenda works for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and she provides tours to visitors who like my friend Rose and I came to learn all about the fish raised at the Little Grassy Fish Hatchery. Located in the midst of the Shawnee Forest, the Little Grassy Fish Hatchery, the warm-water […]

Beautiful Blue Sky Vineyard - Photo By Rose Hammitt

One of my favorite songs is Willie Nelson’s Blue Skies. The lyrics, “Blue skies smilin’ at me; Nothin’ but blue skies do I see..” are apt for my recent visit to beautiful Blue Sky Vineyard, where the setting is lovely, the food is sublime, the wine amazing and the day I was there, the over […]

Flying through the air on the Shawnee Bluff Canopy Tour- Photo By Rose Hammitt

With all intentions of joining in with a thrown out back, I was only able to watch the mechanics of this fun new adventure in Makanda, Illinois, but after seeing how safe and exciting it is, I want to go back and take part. Marc and Cany Miles have taken 83 acres in the midst […]

Take me out to the Muni

Summer just isn’t summer in central Illinois without a trip to the Springfield Muni. This has been a tradition for my mom and daughter and sometimes my sister and I for each year as long as I can remember to trek out to the Springfield Muni and watch a show. It is always amazing the […]

Rim Rock's Recreational Trail Offers Views like this twisted tree clinging to the rock

While staying at Rock Rim’s Dogwood cabins, Rose Hammitt and I took time to hike on the Rock Rim Recreational Trail that is located just across the street from the cabins. Part of the beauty of staying at the cabins and being in close proximity to the recreational trail and Pound’s Hollow is that you […]

Rim Rock's Dog Wood Cabins - Photo by Rose Hammitt

Recently I was lucky enough to stay at one of Bob and Dixie Dart’s Rim Rock’s Dogwood Cabins which are located outside of Karbers Ridge. The cabins are right across the street from the beautiful Rim Rock Recreational Area and Pounds Hollow Swimming and Fishing Lake. The Rim Rock cabins just received a certificate of […]

I have been here before, but I wanted to return to see the Bald Knob Cross since its restoration. Located on Bald Knob outside of Alto Pass, to get there my friend Rose and I traversed the winding road to the peak where the cross rises above the horizon. We were not disappointed in the […]

Peaches and more!

Peach orchards lined the road as we stopped at Rendelman’s Orchard to take a gander at what was inside the farm building. Peaches in baskets glowed with a golden hue giving off a wonderful aroma making the room smell delectable. This family business has been operational since 1873 and they grow peaches, nectarines, apples and […]

Beautiful Von Jakob's

On the edge of the Shawnee Forest sits the beautiful Von Jakob Vineyard and Brewery. The Von Jakob family started growing grapes outside their southern, Illinois home in 1996 and the business has been open for 15 years. During my travels south I stopped at this location and was amazed by the view out the […]

Corny the mascot at the Corn Crib stadium greets visitors

What is more American than corn and baseball? In central Illinois both are king, with this baseball stadium located in Bloomington/Normal is right in the heart of the corn belt. This location makes the name of the team that plays there, the Normal Corn Belters just right. I visited the stadium this past weekend to […]