November 2013

Abe's Southside Cafe and Pub

In the Land of Lincoln, of course it is all about Abe and a statue of Abe is quite fitting in this café located on Springfield’s south Sixth street. Part of the Travelodge hotel, we found the café to be quiet and friendly. This past Thanksgiving Day weekend we met here with friends and enjoyed […]

Midgetoys were among some of the unusual toys spied at toy show

The Central Illinois Toy Show in Bloomington, Illinois was a first for me. After trying out a new place to eat Abe’s Café in Springfield, we meandered north and headed for the Holiday Inn near the airport to see what the show had to offer. There were many cool toys that you don’t usually see […]

Dollars are markers of wishes at Lynch's Irish Pub-Picture by Rose Hammitt

Besides having just down right good food, Rose Hammitt and I enjoyed the atmosphere at Lynch’s Irish Pub in Jacksonville Beach. Curious about the dollar bills with names that appear on almost every empty spot in the ceiling and other sites, we asked our server about them. “They are markers, wishes,” she replied simply. Two […]

Fort Caroline, the First French Settlement

Fort Caroline is two stories; a story of the first French settlement, and the story of murder and revenge. Hearing the history of Fort Caroline from the Beaches Museum Executive Director Dr. van de Gutche my friend Rose Hammitt and I had to see firsthand where all this history happened. The Fort Caroline website explained […]

Surfer statues at Jacksonville Beach's Latham Plaza

Part of the fun in traveling is the art and how it reflects the local culture. This statue provides a look at the surf craze on Florida’s Jacksonville Beach. From the distance, the statues appear to be real. When a bit closer it is clear that they are statues. Located at Jacksonville Beach’s Latham Plaza […]

Log train at the Beaches Museum- Picture by Rose Hammitt

Do you remember Petticoat Junction? I do and this train exhibit reminded me of the song of with the words “rolling down the track”. This logging train once carried cypress logs from a mill to their destination and you can view the train and many of the tools that go with it at the Beaches […]

Jacksonville Beach, a historic place

When walking the shores of Jacksonville Beach if you sit and watch the waves roll in it is easy to lose track of time and think about who has come and gone in this historic place. “We have seen lots of history here,” Dr. van de Gutche the Executive Director of the Beaches Museum said, […]

St. Paul's By the Sea Chapel is just one of the great things at the Beach Museum-Photo by Rose Hammitt

Florida’s Jacksonville Beach has a bit of history and the best way to learn about it is at the Beach Museum. The museum and outbuildings that go with it, like the beautiful Beaches Chapel in the photo is a nice walk from the historic Casa Marina Hotel where my friend Rose and I stayed during […]

View from the Penthouse Lounge at the Casa Marina - Picture by Rose Hammitt

What is better that a view of the Atlantic Ocean from the deck of a historic hotel like the Casa Marina’s Penthouse Lounge? Built in 1925, the hotel began as a two-story 60 room hotel but after being secured as military housing during World War II the hotel went through some changes. One of those […]

Casa Marina Hotel - Photo by Rose Hammitt

“This is the last piece of history from the 1920’s,” said Leigh Cort who represents the Casa Marina Hotel and Restaurant. Built in 1925 the lovely Casa Marina Hotel sits Oceanside with its own walkway down to the dunes along the Atlantic making this not only a historic, but an idyllic getaway. With 23 parlor […]