March 2015

While not a travel story, I was excited to share that I have a new children’s book out, When Matilda Made Time Stand Still.The story line for When Matilda Made Time Stand Still is about a little girl who wants to continue with her tea party when her mother tries to get her to take […]

Blue Owl Restaurant, a stop in historic Kimmswick

It is really quite amazing how many stops end up happening on the way between point A and Point B! That is the story of how we happened on the Blue Owl Restaurant in the town of Kimmswhick, MO. Traveling with my brother-in-law Craig and sister-in-law Debbie to Memphis for some blues infusion Debbie remembered […]

Marlsgate, a plantation experience

It was last year in early summer during a bus trip to Arkansas that my mom and I had the express opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Marlsgate and be greeted by the proprieter David Garner. The home belongs to him, his parents and late Grandmother. Mr. Garner had a story about each and every item […]


I am just finishing up a story about a tourism bureau and am reminded of all they have to offer. When planning trips this summer, don’t forget the visitor’s guides both in paper and online form. If you have a particular area you want to travel to, think about using the tourism guide calendar, there […]

Sublette is over....

Every year there are some events that mark the end of a season and the beginning of another. The Sublette Toy Show does that for me. This was the 33rd year for this show that is a wrap up of the indoor winter toy shows and the advent of Spring. You never know what kind […]

Jones Brother's Market, a Step back in time

When I was a kid I lived in Mattoon, Illinois not too far from a little store called “My Store”. While I admit not very original in name, the store was my store, our store. My sister Debbie and I would walk to the store for candy or other treats, or a loaf of bread […]

Tractor Winter Conventions - Good for the Collector's soul

March is here and the snow is finally beginning to melt and thoughts of spring don’t seem quite so ludicrous as they did a couple days ago. One bright spot in the midst of the winter doldrums were a couple of winter tractor shows that Keith and I hit. The first one was during the […]

Pancake day celebrating at home!

Some days are just too snowy, too rainy, too cold or too something to venture out and today was one of them. However it felt like a day to celebrate health, happiness and a day to stay indoors and get things done. I have been out and about and not up to date on chores […]