December 2015

Horses at the Half Century of Progress


The Half Century of Progress wasn’t all about machinery; it was also about horse power.  Jim Buzzard of Beecher City, Illinois was at the show with his Haflinger horses that pulled a John Deere two-bottom plow. He chose this beautiful breed he said, “I like the Haflinger size and their nature.  They are probably the […]

Earrings by Green Tree, traveling accessories that are eco friendly!

It is hard to find very cool, light weight jewelry that besides looking good, makes you feel good.  I think I have found the answer in Green Tree Jewelry’s wood cut earrings.  While I admit these are a Christmas gift I am keeping for myself, if looking for a gift, check them out! This is […]

Unexpected Encounters along the Amana Trail

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Most years the first weekend in December you can find us at Amana Colonies during the magical Prelude to Christmas. The colonies make us feel like we are stars in a Hallmark Christmas movie.  This year was no exception, but we had some unexpected encounters during our visit, and on the way home, this year […]

It's the little things!

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It’s the little things We all look for that big AHA moment, but the older I get the more I realize it is the little things that make up the fabric of joy and a deep contentment.  It is the card my husband received from my six year old granddaughter yesterday that said, “I love […]