February 2018

Central BBQ and the Lorraine Hotel

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While traveling through Memphis this past few weeks we found a great slow cook BBQ joint, Central BBQ slow smoked Memphis style.  After parking and waiting in a brief line we picked out our desired menu and weaved our way to the picnic style tables.  Since 2003, Central BBQ has been ranked in the top 3 […]

A Tour of the Mississippi Capitol

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Jane Elliott spied the beautiful Mississippi state capitol when we were traveling south on our trek to Florida.  It was President’s day and downtown Jackson was quiet.  “Let’s take a look,” Jane said and so Keith and I and Jane and Kent Elliott and their daughter Beth. Much to our delight, they let us park […]

Duck’s Unlimited Waterfowling Heritage Center - a little education

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There used to be a big Ducks Unlimited banquet that happened every year near where I live.  Each year I helped my friend and a group of women put on the banquet and we had a great time raising money for a great cause.  Whether you are a hunter or not, Ducks Unlimited plays a […]

A Ride on the 28 -Story Elevator and Glass Observation Deck!

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My husband and mother say I am a thrill seeker, but its really not true.  You won’t find me sky diving or riding the world’s fastest rollercoaster, however, when I heard about the world’s tallest freestanding elevator, I said, “I’m in!” This mechanical wonder is in a place I would least expect it.  Located at […]


Massage Lux is bright and shiny and I thought new, but I was told they have been open for three years.  My youngest daughter and I found a great Facebook deal of a 90 minute massage for $50.00. She had the day off and we needed some mother daughter time and I needed some therapy […]