Sault Ste Marie

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Although our stay was short in this lovely town, Sault Ste Marie offered us a vibrant education.  Pronounced Soo Saint Marie,  Sault Ste Marie is the last city before crossing over into Canada.    We stayed the night in this, oldest city in Michigan and one of the oldest in the Midwest.  Several flags have […]

Blackhawk and Arrow Rock

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Are you drawn in when you see a sign saying Historic Town along the highway?  I sure am!  When I saw the sign for historic Blackwater, and later Arrow Rock, I was hooked!  On my way to Kansas City, Kansas for a hosted trip, I had a bit of extra time and my curiosity got […]

bicycle fun

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No, its not New Years and I’m not reading off any resolutions, but lately I have been trying to live healthier.  Maybe it is the age thing.  First I started out walking, then about a month ago I got a bike and since then I’ve been having bicycle fun! What fun!  I keep my bike […]

Cow Days

Some festivals tug at your heartstrings. Cow Days did that for my friend Janna Seiz and I.  We attended Cow Days on a hosted trip to Pulaski County in mid-September. We were expecting to arrive at a fair grounds or a park.  Much too our surprise we found downtown Dixon blocked off.  The festival was […]

Date Night In A Box - Fun Experience During Farm Time

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We are right in the middle of harvest and going out on a “date” is not really in the scheme of things.  Saturday night we were able to fit in a late night meal at Longhorn.  That though,  is few and far during the busy Harvest season.  For a bit of fun, to add a […]