Grounded by the Polar Vortex


With artic temperatures ripping south from the North Pole the term Polar Vortex has taken on a terrible trendy vibe. This vibe brings warnings of record low temperatures, wind chill warnings and danger to motorists that hit the roadways.

Polar vortex
The frozen tundra of Central Illinois

What does this mean for me?

It means take heed. Cancel appointments, pay attention and boo hoo – basically Iā€™m GROUNDED!!

Ode to Grounded!

G-oodsense stay home.

R-eality check everything is frozen!

O-utside is an ice rink

U-gly is what a fall feels like

N-asty wind chill burns right through layers of clothes

D-ont doubt the weather man

E-ducate yourself on the dangers of Polar Vortex

D-o check on your neighbor and elderly friends

The lowdown

Travel can wait. Use this time to hunker down and plan for better weather and safer travel if you are grounded like me.



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    I love your G.R.O.U.N.D.E.D. acronym!! Yeah, it’s pretty cold out there (I’m in NH). But I had a sign of spring coming today…one of my chickens laid an egg after the long winter break! This polar vortex needs to scoot on out of here šŸ™‚

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      Yeah to your chicken! And yes, that vortex does need to scoot on out!

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    I feel for you guys. This is the coldest weather I’ve seen flash across my weather channel in ages. Makes me very glad I live in Florida.

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      It has been very cold. Good time to stay in and plan for my upcoming trip to Florida!

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    Clever post! And I even learned something. It sounds like a great time to catch up on the books you want to read.

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      Yes indeed, great time for cooking and reading both and trip planning!

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