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A Ride in a B29 Bomber, a dream come true

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My husband Keith is a farmer, but when he was young, he was also a pilot. This was possible because Bob, his 2nd cousin, who also was his landlord loved planes and decided to buy a Cessna. Together the two took flying lessons deepening even further the bonds between the two.  Bob Reichert was like a […]


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I love Amsterdam.  I have been there twice and loved the canals, the old, old buildings that tilt, the windmills and the beauty of the city.  When I read Rita Fridman’s wonderful guest blog she is sharing with Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl I was taken back.  This is wonderful to read about the […]

Myrtle's in Princeton, a Pie Kind of Place!

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Wondering home from a trip up north we stopped at an antique store in Princeton, Illinois. Before we left we asked as we often do about the best place to eat.  The clerks quickly told us Myrtle’s Café.  “I have never heard anything bad about the food and they have AMAZING pie.” With that in […]

Grant Wood Memorial Window at Cedar Rapids Veteran's Memorial Building and So Much More

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We thought we were going to see a stained glass window, a beautiful piece of art, but that was all.  Little did we know that the entire Veteran Memorial Building both inside and out is a piece of art from the architecture to the exhibits. Teri Van Dorston showed us the beauty and history of […]

Czech Village in Cedar Rapids brings history alive!

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In the heart of downtown Cedar Rapids there is a neighborhood with a bit of ethnic history. The official Czech Village of Cedar Rapids shares how the immigrants settled in the area. “Cedar Rapids is a city that is home to thousands of Czech, Moravian and Slovak immigrants and their descendants since the turn of […]