Family Fun

The DNA I know


I’d like to try 23 and Me and verify my DNA past. To know exactly where I came from Definitely at last However the DNA I know Has facts for sure and tells a story I see Like my Grandma Carrie Ena Pearcy Her cornflower blue eyes she gave my sister and me. Her sweet […]

George Jones Museum

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The George Jones Museum had long been on my list to visit. I had wanted to go since their opening in January of 2015! This past weekend Keith and I checked it out! Thank you Brindy of the museum for setting up my visit! Location The museum is located in the heart of Music City […]

5 ways to stay positive during  winter!

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Stay positive because it is a proven fact that winter days can get you down. Don’t let them! There are a lot of ways to stay positive during winter. The winter solstice which began on December 21st means that everyday the days are getting longer! As you prepare for trips down the road or a […]

2020 Antique Tractor Calendar

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It’s that time! Time to set your antique tractor calendar for farm and toy shows for 2020! While some are busy making their New Year’s Resolutions collectors are setting their show schedules. I checked with some other tractor enthusiasts and they reached out to help me find some of their favorite shows! Gateway Mid-America Toy […]

Guest article -Traveling With Young Children: How to Do It While Saving Yourself Money and Stress by Leslie Campos

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I don’t often have Guest articles, but Leslie Campos had a nice article about traveling with children! Since I travel with my grandchildren sometimes, this seemed to be a nice fit! Read on. The Article Although this might be a little hard to believe, there are actually ways to travel with your young children on […]