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It’s that time of year, the time that winter storms hit with the predictability of a rolled dice. The chances are not huge, but they are always there.  Is your cell phone charged?  Do you have flashlights, water, candles and plenty of food that doesn’t require a stove to cook it?  Consider having high-energy foods […]


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While I don’t do many guest posts, since St. Louis is within a little over an hour drive, I was interested in hearing what St. Louis resident Andy Bell had to suggest for a fun trip in his fair city.  Check out Andy’s suggestions below.  I have visited most of the attractions Andy suggests and […]


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We all think about when to go, where to go, and what we will do while we are gone, but do we take the time to think about keeping our home safe while on the road.  This is as important as the trip itself and especially since as we get older so many of us […]