The Butterfly House, a place of beauty

In all my trips to St. Louis, until this past week I had never stopped at the Butterfly House. If I had known what beauty I would see, I would have been there before. Besides information about Assassin bugs, hissing cockroaches and creepy crawlers that little boys will clamor for, there is also the amazing […]

A visit to the Missouri Botanical Garden

You know spring is really here when you can see it in the blooming flowers. What better place to see flowers in bloom than the Missouri Botanical Gardens? Set on 79 acre, the garden that was founded in 1859 is the nation’s oldest botanical garden in continuous operation. The garden was founded by Henry Shaw, […]

St. Louis Zoo - Feeding of the Penguins

My visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago was wonderful, but one thing was missing. They have closed the penguin exhibits so I didn’t get my penguin fix. This past week though I headed south to the St. Louis Zoo and arrived just in time to see the penguins and puffins being fed. Swerving […]

Belleville Illinois Fleamarket

Looking for a blast from the past? Check out the fleamarket at the Belleville, Illinois fairgrounds. This weekend event brings in around 200-400 vendors that offer a variety of items for sale from jewelry to fudge to items like the wringer wash machine offered by Northwest Trading Posts. My husband and I just wanted a […]

Fun at the Lincoln Park Zoo!

On a recent visit to Chicago along with my friend Linda we visited the Lincoln Park Zoo. It was surreal viewing the farm portion of the zoo with barns in the forefront and sky scrapers in the background. The visit was on a clear April day and as a grandma I was eyeing the exhibits […]