River City Winery, a stop in a River Town

Just on the Indiana side of the Ohio River across from Louisville, Kentucky, New Albany is a historic town that was settled by the Scribner Brothers from New York in 1813. The town flourished with its river location and became a ship building king. With this history, the name River City Winery makes sense for […]

Herbert Hoover's Birthplace, humble beginnings

Herbert Hoover said about the cottage where he grew up, This cottage where I was born is physical proof of the unbounded opportunity of American life. In no other land could a boy from a country village, without inheritance or influential friends, look forward with unbound hope.” The cottage is part of the Herbert Hoover […]

The Road To Tara Museum, Gone with the Wind Jonesboro Style

I admit to being enamored of the Civil War period and the movie Gone With the Wind is probably the reason why. While most everyone has read the book and seen the movie, the story behind the writer, Margaret Mitchell may not be as well known. The Road ToTara Museum offered a bit of insight […]

General Patton Museum - Fort Knox, Kentucky

While many think of the gold by which we judge the value of our money when thinking of Fort Knox, there is another treasure there as well just waiting for your visit. The General George Patton Museum of Leadership offers insight into this famous general that pushed and pulled his way through World War II […]

Biograph Theater where Dillinger met his demise!

This past November we took the train to Chicago and stayed at the beautiful Blackstone hotel, which has been dubbed “The Hotel of Presidents” because over the years a dozen 20th-century US Presidents have stayed at the hotel. We came to the city to take in “The Untouchables Tour, Chicago’s Original Gangster Tour!” After boarding […]