The Trail of Tears and the Buel Cabin

Golconda Illinois was part of the Cherokee forced evacuation on the long and arduous Trail of Tears. The Alexander Buel family was tanners and their two-story cabin built in 1840 is located in Golconda, Illinois. At the time the Buels lived in the home tanning was big business with substantial shipments of hides and leather […]

An eye opening visit, the Harrisburg Poor House- which is also surrounded by the Pioneer Village– offers insight into what happened in the late 1800’s for those without funds or family to fall back on. The intentions were good. The Pauper Bill was passed to require counties to create a place for the poor to […]

Millstone Bluff, following the footsteps of the Woodland and Mississippian Indians

We could almost hear the voices of the early Woodland and Mississippian Indians that settled on the top of the Millstone Bluff over 1500 years ago when we visited this historical site.  Located on the edge of the Shawnee Forest near Eddyville, Illinois, my friend Rose and I ventured up the trail to the top […]

Chicago a gangster Paradise

  Want to relive the days of gangsters and Al Capone?  Want to see where the events happened on Chicago’s streets during the the hey dey of the 20’s and 30’s?  I did!  For an early Christmas present I took my husband to Chicago. We stayed at the lovely and historic Blackstone and had a […]

Pearls may be a girl's best friend!

Who said diamonds are a girl’s best friend? How about pearls? Did you know that not all pearls are from the South Pacific and beyond? In fact, my mom and I on our trip to Tennessee literally stumbled (okay after driving for a while twisting and turning our way about) to the very cool Tennessee […]