Scott Sudduth

Carthage & Beyond            The Eads -Mansell-Sudduth House

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Who doesn’t love a historic house? The story of the Eads-Mansell Sudduth House which is located in Carthage, Mississippi is quite a fascinating one. Our trip here all started in North Little Rock! The back story! A while back, my husband Keith and I traveled to North Little Rock to play tourists. In North Little […]

The Old Mill, a scene right out of Gone with the Wind

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They had me at Gone With the Wind.  Who wouldn’t want to see the Old Mill that was used in the opening credits of what may be one of the most popular movies ever filmed?  The Old Mill isn’t in Hollywood and it wasn’t built as a set. The Old Mill is located at the […]

Celebrating Christmas in North Little Rock and beyond!

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Part of the joy of Christmas is heading out, seeing the sites, and enjoying the festivities and sheer beauty of this magical season. While on a hosted trip to North Little Rock, Keith and I had a chance to take in some of the sights and sounds of the area and you still have time […]