March 20, 2013

The Firehouse at the Florida Flywheelers

The firehouse is filled with an array of antique fire fighting collectibles. For those that are interested in fire fighting memorabilia, this is a great place to include when the Flywheelers are open for an event. I have been coming to this show for years and just really noticed all the fire truck toys on […]

Charlie Oatts and his Fords! - Photo by Keith Ladage

The Ford Building at the Florida Flywheelers is s fun place to be because Charlie Oatts and his wife and friends all hang out sharing, well, Ford stories! This year Charlie had a new tractor, a Ford 4000 SU 1975 hicrop that he purchased and recently finished restoring. Charlie told me all about it and […]

Danny Norman's awesome collection

For years I have been trying to catch up with the wonderful Danny Norman to stop and see his amazing collection of tractors, trucks and more on his farm in Georgia. I first met Danny in Illinois at Penfield, Illinois where I saw his very cool Ford Tractor that is not a Ford. “The Ford […]