April 2013

Downtown Springfield, Abe Haunts

For anyone that enjoys the Abe Lincoln sites, the downtown Abraham Lincoln Museum, the train station accross the streetis the place to be. Sometimes the lovely bronze statues of Honest Abe and his family .like the one above that dot the landscape are overlooked. Abe sightings are common in Springfield, but it is easy to […]

Rolling over the river

Rolling, rolling, rolling on or in this case over the Illinois River. We crossed the river in Beardstown, Illinois and I couldn’t help but enjoy the beauty of the bridge. Sometimes the funtional architecture is as lovely as it is useful!

Newbold Farm's - a John Deere tractor experience

Like John Deere tractors? So do I! At this year’s Florida Flywheeler show, Clem Newbold shared his museum that focuses on the three farms he grew up on and his collection of John Deere Two Cylinder tractors. As a boy, Clem Newbold’s life as a child revolved around Crosswicks, Gate Farm and Dingleton Farm. Clem […]

Ostermeier Prairie Center

Ostermeier Prairie Center was formed from a 29-acre farm tract that includes a barn, pond, and century-old farmhouse. While the main portion of the Garden is set out as trails, the Ostermeier Prairie Center offers pasture and cropland restored as examples of the prairie found in central Illinois during pioneer days. Lincoln Memorial Garden was […]