June 18, 2013

Fun art!

Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Museum (http://www.avam.org ) is amazing. Folk art, glass art and more are included in this eclectic museum. On a sheet sharing information about the museum they have a quote, “These works are charged with everything that can be asked of a work of art: burning mental tension, uncurbed invention, and ecstasy […]

Annual Graham Bradley Show in the rear view mirror

Every year, the Graham Bradley collectors and Sears sold farm tractors look forward to their annual get together. Although you can’t really call us an official club, we come together once a year to celebrate all things Graham Bradley. The Graham was featured tractor at the Fulton County Historical Power Show June 14-16, 2013 and […]

Baltimore's famous Federal Hill Park - Picture by Rose Hammitt

Federal Hill served as a lookout during the both the Civil War and the War of 1812. To get to this lookout, Rose and I literally walked right up the side of the hill. Once at the top we viewed the statues, cannon and memorials. What is most impressive today is the amazing view this […]

Pride Memorial reminder that life at sea can be tragic-Picture by Rose Hammitt

While visiting Baltimore this Spring, my friend Rose and I found ourselves drawn over and over to the harbor. For two land locked Illinois girls, the water was like a magic call, luring us in. It was when we came to the memorial for the Pride of Baltimore that we received the stark reminder that […]

Seven Foot Knoll Lighhouse, an inspriring site-picture by Rose Hammitt.

It took a minute to realize this was a lighthouse when Rose and I first glanced at this lovely cylinderical structure located in Baltimore’s Innner Harbor. The Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse is the oldest screwpile lighthouse in Maryland. Built in 1855, the lighthouse is part of the Historic Ships museum (http://www.historicships.org/knoll-lighthouse.html). The lighthouse had been […]