July 29, 2013

Fish education at the Little Grassy Fish Hatchery!- Photo by Rose Hammitt

Brenda Garver is awesome. Brenda works for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and she provides tours to visitors who like my friend Rose and I came to learn all about the fish raised at the Little Grassy Fish Hatchery. Located in the midst of the Shawnee Forest, the Little Grassy Fish Hatchery, the warm-water […]

Beautiful Blue Sky Vineyard - Photo By Rose Hammitt

One of my favorite songs is Willie Nelson’s Blue Skies. The lyrics, “Blue skies smilin’ at me; Nothin’ but blue skies do I see..” are apt for my recent visit to beautiful Blue Sky Vineyard, where the setting is lovely, the food is sublime, the wine amazing and the day I was there, the over […]