September 2013

The art of threshing broom corn

I love fall festivals and I loved the chance to see Quinn Brown’s corn threshing machine at the Half Century of Progress show. Quinn Brown and his friend KennethAlbert were entrepreneurs during the 1950’s. The two purchased the machine and went into business. Brown is from Greenup, Illinois and said that he and Kenneth Albert […]

National Radon Conference hits Springfield

All the year’s I worked in the Illinois State Radon Program, we never had a conference in Springfield, Illinois, but this year, here it is. Even though I am retired, I took a jaunt over to the Abraham Lincoln Hotel for the joint CRCPD and AARST luncheon to see old friends and get a renewed […]

Allis Chalmers Collectors come to Macoupin Historical Society Festival

The weekend of September 21-22nd the weather was picture perfect in central Illinois and the festival gods shined down on the Macoupin County Historical Society’s fall festival. Visitors flocked to town to check out the impressive display of vendors, the Anderson mansion, a bit of Blue Grass and of course the food and the tractors! […]

Movie Theater displays  Coca Cola Collection

One of our favorite movie theaters is located in Litchfield, Illinois. West Side Cinema has good movie selections at a reasonable price for both the tickets and the snacks, but what we love is the amazing Coca Cola collection on display while you wait. The collection has a wide array of anything Coca Cola from […]

Lew Wallace Study

Lew Wallace was a totally fascinating man. As a young man he did not do well in his studies, but this appears to be perhaps because they did not catch his interest. We watched the video of his life, and the question is not what he could do, but rather, what could he not do. […]