Dining at ZETA in Jacksonville Beach- Photo by Rose Hammitt

Sunny the Manager at ZETA took a minute to say hey and pose with me before my friend Rose and I headed out for our next adventure. We loved the environment of ZETA’s with a band playing great music in the background called Sax in the City, we dined on white garlic pizza and tried […]


<I After having the pleasure of eating Chef Aaron’s food at both the Casa Marina Hotel and Zetas, the restaurant he runs along with Mark Vandeloo, I was thrilled to have a minute to sit down and find out how this dynamic chef holds it all together. Mark Vandeloo and Chef Aaron Webb have teamed […]

GYO Green's, Helga Tan Fellows offers up organic greens through aquaponics

What is more exciting than someone passionate about what they do? Helga Tan Fellows started up GYO Green this past July. GYO Green shares on their website how they go about growing organic greens in an enclosed sustainable system. “GyoGreens uses a sustainable farming method which combines traditional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals – in our […]

The Kingsley Plantation,of Fort George Island and the amazing Anna Kingsley

The Kingsley Plantation is filled with a unique perspective of plantation history. We hear about slavery and plantation life in many plantation visits, but this was the first plantation I have ever been to where a slave became a land owner and a family while not rallying against slavery, tried to encourage better treatment of […]

Abe's Southside Cafe and Pub

In the Land of Lincoln, of course it is all about Abe and a statue of Abe is quite fitting in this café located on Springfield’s south Sixth street. Part of the Travelodge hotel, we found the café to be quiet and friendly. This past Thanksgiving Day weekend we met here with friends and enjoyed […]