May 2014

Harold Steele, an amazing man with an amazing farm and home museum

Note;  Not long ago, this amazing man passed away in 2019. I had heard about Harold Steele’s open house from a friend, but I was unable to make it that day. Max Armstrong was speaking and Harold’s amazing collection was to be open to the public along with live demonstrations of his equipment. Max worked […]

Once again, the Strawberry Festival kicks off the tractor season with a bang

I went to this year’s Strawberry Festival without a thought as to what the featured brand might be at this year’s show, and I was excited when I saw that odd balls fit the list. I love the old and different and the tractor turn out was great with something I had never seen before, […]

Pearl Harbor, the Ultimate Sacrifice

I have read all about it, Seen the movie and heard the tales But it never made the impact, the true sacrifice until I stood at Pearl Harbor And saw the fuel that still seeps From where the Arizona went down. I Read the words of our boys in blue That were attacked on a […]

Lincoln Depot, Lincoln's fare thee well

One afternoon I had a bit of time before an interview for a story and I thought I would check out some of the historic sites in my own back yard, the Land of Lincoln. Although I had been there before I decided to take a minute and stop by the Lincoln Depot. This is […]

Portland Swap Meet, a lawn and garden extravaganza

When I heard the word swap meet and read “antique engine and tractor parts only” I have to admit I wasn’t too enthused. I have often said to other collectors that “I don’t do parts”. However, the crops were in the ground and it had been a while since we had got away together and […]