May 4, 2014

Cave in Rock, an Illinois cave with pirate history! - Picture by Rose Hammitt

Cave in Rock is a place where legends and folklore combine. Not sure of the exact history, locals say that pirates and counterfeiters stayed and conducted nefarious activities. The fact that we know for sure is that Indians used the cave as did those traveling up and down the Ohio River The area around the […]

A ferry ride makes you feel like a kid

While on the Hardin County tour for travel writers, I had a chance to ride on the Cave in Rock Ferry which boards at Hardin Illinois and travels across to Marion Kentucky. The ride across the Ohio River was smooth, but when I got to the other side we turned around and headed back, now […]

Illinois Iron Furnace, a one of a kind history in the Shawnee National Forest

Last year I came close to seeing the iron furnace, but no cigar! The road to the furnace looked like it was running out of pavement and there was a big dip that we would have to cross, Rose Hammitt, my travel buddy and I chickened out and never made it that trip south. This […]