May 22, 2015

The grounds and the building of the Holy Family Church in Cahokia, Illinois are beautiful. Although we were unable to make it inside with the day’s schedule, we were able to see the site and wonder at the lovely black walnut logs of the church built in the Creole French style the poteaux-sur-sol style with […]

The Nicolas Jarrot House, a French History in Cahokia, IL

He was a French-born entrepreneur and land speculator who also served as judge and local militia officer. The unofficial website for the house said, “Nicholas Jarrot helped Lewis and Clark.” Brian Winn, Cahokia Courthouse and Jarrot House site superintendant said, “Lewis stayed here in Cahokia with the Jarott family. They needed to be near correspondence. […]

The Cahokia Courthouse, a look into French Creole frontier life

Did you know that in southern Illinois there is an area referred to as the French Creole Corridor? The area is in the Mid-Mississippi area, and is in southern Illinois and northern Missouri. The area was settled by French missionaries from Quebec and traders that blended into the Indian population and created their own culture […]

Cahokia Mounds, the Indian city that was

It is truly mind boggling that an entire Indian City, the largest prehistoric Indian site north of Mexico, was located near Collinsville, Illinois. The site covered 4,000 acres and included at least 120 Mounds. Although today the remains of what was and the mystery of why they left are things we wonder about, visitors can […]