June 2015

Travel Insurance? Should you or shouldn’t you? I think when traveling with airfare that it is always a good idea. I know a couple years ago when we went to Agritechnica that my husband was unable to go and the insurance was a life saver. Whether you think you should take it out or not […]

Traveling Tractors - all for a good cause!

Calvin Elder’s farm is in rural Mt. Auburn and today the farm was the site of a tractor drive. Antique tractor collectors that were mostly Ansar Shriners and Ag Corps members brought their tractors for the 27 mile drive for fun and to raise money for a good cause. The funds go to the Ansars […]

All Locked Up - in the Brussels calaboose - Photo by Keith ladage

Recently we headed south and took a ride on the Brussels ferry ate at the wonderful Wittmond hotel then checked out the rest of the town. One little building caught our attention and I had to stick my head in. The building was the historic jail that originally called “the calaboose” by the locals. I […]

My brush with Irma Harding at the Red Power Round UP

This week at the Red Power Round Up I had a chance to take my picture with Irma Harding, International Harvester’s Golden Girl. The brush with the famous I.H. was only with the cardboard version, but I also had a brush with two other real-life Irma fans. At the Round Up, held in Sedalia, Missouri, […]

Lots of travel is coming up and we wanted a quiet day, a memory filled day for my husband’s birthday celebration. He loves backwoods roads and it was a treat to ride on the Brussels Ferry http://www.greatriverroad.com/secondarypages/ferries.htm on our way to dine at the historic Wittmond hotel. The Ferry ride is a short one, but […]