July 2015

I love the phrase, “Once in a blue moon” and with the grandkids heading our way tonight we are going to have a blue moon party. Load them up in the gold cart and head around the farm yard to get the best view of this astronomical sign. Until my daughter-in-law explained that it is […]

Statues enhance the beauty of the Shoals and tell a story of musical history

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The sounds of Muscle Shoals is tied into the waters, the land and the history of this beautiful place in Alabama. Almost everywhere I visited during the W.C. Handy Music festival tied into the music. Talent played in restaurants, the visitor’s center, hotels and on stages in the streets. The four towns of Sheffield, Tuscumbia, […]

Buford Pusser's museum, a legend, a law enforcement hero

The Buford Pusser Museum was a random stop, but a memorable one. Growing up watching Walking Tall, I was a bit in awe of the man that the story was based on, although a bit skeptical that it was all true. According to what I learned at his museum he really did live the life […]

I think anyone who has been to or heard about the Half Century of Progress gets excited when they hear the big show is just around the corner. Held at the Rantoul National Aviation Center Airport Rantoul, Illinois, the 2015 Half Century of Progress will be held August 27- 30, 2015. The show takes place […]

The Alabama Music Hall of Fame and a really cool car!

Before July hit the skids I headed with my mom to the Shoals area for a bit of music history. Georgia Carter Turner of the Florence/Lauderdale Tourism (who has since moved back to Florida)  took us around and after hitting the recording studios we finished off our music history with a stop at the Alabama […]