April 14, 2016

Solvang is All About Hans Christian Andersen

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A visit to Solvang is a visit to a Danish community. Settled in the early 1900’s, Solvang is the result of the Danish-American’s that  relocated from the fertile fields of Des Moines, Iowa to the Santa Ynez Valley of California where ground was more affordable. They moved here to build a Danish school so it makes sense […]

Pea Soup Andersen a California Roadside tradition

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yePea Soup Andersen, the name has a certain ring to it.  It could almost be a children’s rhyme, “Pea Soup for you, Pea Soup for me, Pea Soup Andersen too, all three!” Okay, maybe not, but the name came up over and over again when I was traveling in the area of Buellton, California where […]