August 2017

Voorhies Castle, a mansion on the Prairie

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Set literally in the midst of the countryside south of Bement, Illinois is Voorhies Castle.  This strange, yet beautiful building was built by Nels Larson at the turn of the century for his fiance/wife. Nels Larson came to the states from Sweden and rented land from wealthy landowner William Voorhies.  He later bought land and […]


They were not the best of friends On the best days. Sherman, our soon to be 15 year old Aussie Border Collie Mix Was scared of Shadow the black cat That lived on the porch, He swiped at him when he walked past.   Shadow was 11 Wiley and a farm cat to the core […]

Totality, a summary

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The 2017 Solar Eclipse is going to go down in history as the event of a lifetime for this generation.  Someday, I think everyone will ask, “Where were you when Totality happened?” And I will answer that I was in Columbia, Missouri on a hosted press trip seeing history unfold.  There was nothing quite like […]

Connor's Cave & the Devil's Icebox

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Who wants to see a cave, I do! I do! So, while in Columbia, Missouri over the weekend to  see the Total Solar Eclipse I decided to check out Connor’s Cave.  Located in Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, my friend Rose and I drove out to the park that is a whopping 2,273 acres.  The […]


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Do you have your solar glasses, your chair, your sunscreen and bug spray and most of all the spot picked out to watch the solar eclipse?  Even if you step out of your office for a few minutes on Monday, take a minute to acknowledge this rare happening when the sun, moon and earth align. […]