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Tasting in Ann Arbor, a food and spirit experience!

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I’ve mentioned in a previous blog about a few of the great restaurant options in Ann Arbor and the surrounding area that I experienced on a hosted trip at the end of November and beginning of December.  Besides restaurants though there is a plethora of tasting opportunities as well.  You never have to be hungry […]


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Australia is a place I’ve never been, but have always longed to visit.  Many of the places that Mia Alindogan share in her wonderful guest blog  include places I would love to see. Whether traveling here as a parent or grandparent or just being a kid yourself, enjoy : 5 Educational Attractions to Do With Kids […]

Farm Layouts from the National Farm Toy Show-Check out other farm scenes during your winter travel!

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If you like farming and travel, you will love farm layouts that are part of some of the farm toy shows that are rife all over this winter. I must say, farm layouts are probably my favorite part of the National Farm Toy Show. Every year I love to go and see what the designers […]

A Tour of Voss Pecans Top Ten Things I learned!

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I love pecans and when I got the chance to go on a tour of Voss Pecans, the only commercial pecan farm in Illinois I jumped.  The tour went on all day, with nut growers coming in the morning, and Trees Forever Members touring in the afternoon.  Keith and I came to the afternoon session […]

Guest post from Sara Artley, Water Rites!


On a recent trip to Eastern Oregon, I stayed at the beautiful Cornucopia Lodge.  Sara Artley and her husband Jeff manage the lodge and I dined with them the evening of my stay.  Besides eating a wonderful dinner, I had the chance to get to know the Artley’s and hear some of the amazing stories […]