Happy Birthday Abe & so on!

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If you are from anywhere near central Illinois you know that February 12th was the birthday of our 16th President. Above is a statue of Lincoln outside of the Lincoln Heritage Museum.  On Lincoln’s Birthday there are any number of Lincoln sites to visit in central Illinois to celebrate the birthday of our famous son. […]


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Fat Tuesday is a day celebrated by many with rich foods and frolic before the beginning of the Lenten season. Ash Wednesday is always a somber day bringing the true meaning of Lent into perspective. Shrove Tuesday/Fat Tuesday also goes by another name. I reported this last year, but it bears repeating, today is also […]

The Ground Hog predicts spring!

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I know I shouldn’t and that there is no science based evidence that the ground hog can predict the melting of snow, the temperatures rise and winter’s exit, but, in spite of all odds, I believe.  I have this faith in the furry beast that he can look into some kind of a critter crystal ball […]