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Voyage Home

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In the little town of Riverside, Iowa there is a walk into the future. According to the Voyage Home Riverside History Center, this is the “future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk” . He will be born on March 22, 2228! Keith and I were returning from Amana Colonies, Iowa when I asked him to […]

Visit to the American Tractor Museum

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There is a new tractor museum in town, the American Tractor Museum. It will blow your socks off! The museum was created to honor farmers. As a farmer’s wife, we were thrilled at this recognition and tribute to agricultural preservation. This museum is a beauty. Keith and I were invited to take a look a […]

The Communal Kitchen Museum!

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It is hard to imagine living in a group environment. That though is just what they did in the Amana Colonies. The Amana Colonies are seven villages. Located on 26,000 acres the colonies are in east-central Iowa. In these communal villages, the colonists all dined together. They ate food cooked in a communal kitchen. I […]