Glimpse of a statue, R.G. LeTourneau's legacy - picture by Janna Seiz

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Sometimes a statue can be a thought provoker and that is how it was with the statue of Robert Gilmour LeTourneau, better known as R.G. LeTourneau. While looking for the Luthy Botanical Gardens I spied the statue by the Glen Oak Park tennis courts where the statue has always sat.  I just learned that at […]

Review of Trappist Beer Travels, Inside the Breweries of the Monasteries

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  The book Trappist Beer Travels, Inside the Breweries of the Monasarites is written by Caroline Wallace, Sarah Wood and Jessica Deahl.  All three writers are beer writers that came together using their fascination of not only beer, but the beer brewed in monasteries by the Trappist order of monks. When I first received the […]

Brookside Mansion, a working historic home

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All it took was  picture of the lovely Brookside mansion that is located on the campus of the University of Saint Francis and we were hooked.  On a hosted tour of Fort Wayne with my mom, Lora Disque, and I made a last minute phone call around 4:00 p.m. I didn’t expect a return call […]

Art surrounds you in Fort Wayne!

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Downtown Fort Wayne is an art filled city.  On my recent hosted trip with my mom, Lori Disque we  enjoyed seeing art in all forms literally all over the city.  The architecture of the church spires inspire, little special architectural details like the gargoyles on the History Center and the horseman on the Anthony Wayne […]

Dining in an Amish Home, a great experience

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I grew up in central Illinois just a few hours from the Arthur, Arcola area where many Amish families live, farm and work.  The countryside is beautiful and a drive in spring sometimes even offers a chance to see planting with Belgian horses and farm equipment. On the back roads you will often pass an Amish […]