A Gondola Ride, Part of My Oxnard Experience!

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  Sometimes everything just comes together. The night of the Twitter chat for the North American Travel Journalist Association (NATJA) was one of them.  That night they were giving away prizes, and I won the big bonanza prizes of a ride on the Gondola Paradisio.  A Gondola Ride in the Channel island harbor what a […]

Amelia Island in a day

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Beautiful, peaceful, scenic and I want to go back are my thoughts on Amelia Island.  Needless to say, Amelia Island and the Fernandina Historic District deserves much more than just a day of your time.  But since this is what we had, we made the most of it on our trip to Northern Florida.  My […]

A Ride on the Incline Railway!

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I’ve been to Look Out Mountain before. I have been to Rock City and I have seen the beautiful Ruby Falls, but I had never taken a ride on the Incline Railway, the steepest passenger rail in the country. Besides offering amazing scenery, this is an engineering wonder. The train car takes you for a […]

Pulling fun!

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This past weekend I was working on a story about pulling tucks and tractors at the National Farm Machinery Show for Farm World. I had the chance to interview a couple young women that pulled.  Patricia Justison from the Hillsboro area  (in the picture below with my brother-in-law Wayne) and Bethany Nelson from Altamont, Illinois. The interview […]