The Museum of Westward Expansion gets harry!

Okay so after traveling up the Arch, I drug my daughter the museum that is under the Gateway Arch which reflects St. Louis’ role in the Westward Expansion of the United States. Part of this cool museum is an array of wildlife that Lewis & Clark would have found as they proceeded west one was […]

While away some time at the Wild Hare Cafe

Wanting a sit down luncheon where you can talk and be treated like a lady or gentleman. Want to see desserts that are hard to pass up and decide between either a hearty or delicate meal choice? If so, do what I did, visit the Wild Hare Cafe in Elkhart, Illinois. Traveling back from Pekin […]

Laclede's Landing, French History in the Making

With my French heritage is interesting to me to note that St. Louis was once under French rule. The history is fascinating and goes for us in the USA, way back! It was 250 years ago in 1763 that French merchant named Pierre Laclede Liguest landed on French soil. Laclede had a monopoly to all […]

The St. Louis Arch, way up high!

Gateway to the West is what they say the arch represents. Soaring 630 feet high, my daughter Allie and I took a day and rode all the way up to the top with the city of St. Louis spread out at our feet. Busch stadium looked like a child’s baseball set from the lofty heights. […]

Dessert at the Old Spaghetti Factory

While this restaurant isn’t the only one around, the Old Spaghetti Factory in St. Louis Laclede Landing offers a cool historic ambience that is hard to find. Celebrating a family birthday we set out to see the Arch and eat a little lunch. After consuming way more calories than the law and My Fitness Pal […]