Beaches museum

The Oesterreicher-McCormick Homestead

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While this cabin doesn’t look like much here, there is a lot of history in this home that is the second oldest in Duval County Florida. The oldest is the main house on the Kingsley Plantation that was built on Fort George Island. The Oesterreicher-McCormick Homestead was built in 1873 by Thomas Oesterreicher and his […]

Log train at the Beaches Museum- Picture by Rose Hammitt

Do you remember Petticoat Junction? I do and this train exhibit reminded me of the song of with the words “rolling down the track”. This logging train once carried cypress logs from a mill to their destination and you can view the train and many of the tools that go with it at the Beaches […]

Jacksonville Beach, a historic place

When walking the shores of Jacksonville Beach if you sit and watch the waves roll in it is easy to lose track of time and think about who has come and gone in this historic place. “We have seen lots of history here,” Dr. van de Gutche the Executive Director of the Beaches Museum said, […]

St. Paul's By the Sea Chapel is just one of the great things at the Beach Museum-Photo by Rose Hammitt

Florida’s Jacksonville Beach has a bit of history and the best way to learn about it is at the Beach Museum. The museum and outbuildings that go with it, like the beautiful Beaches Chapel in the photo is a nice walk from the historic Casa Marina Hotel where my friend Rose and I stayed during […]