The Ledge

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So, yesterday I did it!  I sat at the edge of the Ledge all the way up on the 110 story, 1,450 Willis Tower.   Formerly known as the Sears Tower, this skyscraper held the record as the tallest building in the world until the World Trade Center site was built in 2014.  There I […]


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The first modern World Series was held in 1903 in Boston.  For over 100 years, fans and players have been riveted by America’s pastime.  Before the boys of summer transition to the boys of fall do your preparation to enjoy this wrap up historical game tonight between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians.  Can […]

Horses of Honor brings tribute to Chicago Police and fun sculptures to town

What is more fun that seeing a horse in the middle of the Windy City?  Perhaps a colorful statue of a horse on display for a good cause  There is a serious side to these fun statues that I saw all over town from outside the Harry Cary restaurant to Michigan Avenue.  The price to […]


What could be more appropriate that this statue of the Linnaeus father of  plant taxonomy kneeling in the garden at the Chicago Botanical Garden?  With over 385 acres and three garden islands, the garden is a sight to behold.  My friend Linda and I took a quick tour of the gardens and even stopped to […]