Civil War

memorial day

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Memorial Day was first called Decoration Day and was celebrated by laying flowers on the graves of fallen soldiers after the Civil War.

Historic Stagville, Civil War History

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Historic Stagville sits outside of Durham, North Carolina.  I toured this fascinating site with Rose Hammitt while in Chapel Hill for the North American Travel Journalist Conference.  This historic site shares the story of a pre-Civil War farm.  I think for those of us that grew up in the north, the plantation and slavery times are […]

After visiting the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum this past week with my grandchildren and witnessing again the tally of soldiers wounded in the Civil War on both sides, this was the perfect time to pick up Soldiers At The Doorstep.  The book is written by Larry S. Chowning and shares some interesting Civil War Lore. […]

The Jefferson Davis capture sight

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The stories abound about the capture of the President of the Confederate States of America.  I have always been a bit fascinated by the fact that there was a Confederate President and that he even had his own Whitehouse, in fact there were two of them over the duration of the war.  We have been […]


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While it is easy to see how lives changed for people during the Civil War, I think when learning the stories of indivduals like Robert Craven it truly brings how the war was not some far away battle in the Middle East or the Pacific that you thought about from time to time, for Robert […]