Grant Wood

Brucemore behind the

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The Brucemore Trust Historic Site features a museum, a twenty-one room mansion, and a community cultural center set on twenty-six acres. The mansion visit is also a story of the development of Cedar Rapids and many of the important people that changed the city over the years. The story begins with the Sinclair Family. Thomas […]

Grant Wood's Studio, a place of inspiration and work

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Sean Ulmer, Executive Director of the Cedar Rapids Museum took time to show my mom and me around Grant Wood’s fascinating Studio during our visit to Cedar Rapids. Here on a press trip for an article about art in Cedar Rapids, for Senior News & Times, the Grant Wood studio was on our radar. The […]

Grant Wood Memorial Window at Cedar Rapids Veteran's Memorial Building and So Much More

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We thought we were going to see a stained glass window, a beautiful piece of art, but that was all.  Little did we know that the entire Veteran Memorial Building both inside and out is a piece of art from the architecture to the exhibits. Teri Van Dorston showed us the beauty and history of […]

Czech Village in Cedar Rapids brings history alive!

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In the heart of downtown Cedar Rapids there is a neighborhood with a bit of ethnic history. The official Czech Village of Cedar Rapids shares how the immigrants settled in the area. “Cedar Rapids is a city that is home to thousands of Czech, Moravian and Slovak immigrants and their descendants since the turn of […]