Native American history

The Mound House, shells beneath their feet

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Fort Myers Beach is a beach community with sand, sea, diners and lots of fun things to see and do.  Amidst the beach goers, and tourists, there is a place where history lives on, and the memory of the first dwellers of this area remains. The Mound House is a cultural experience with archeological history. […]

Roy Acuff and Dunbar Cave

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Right in the midst of Clarksville, Tennessee is a very cool cave with some fascinating history.  I learned about this cave on a recent hosted visit to Clarksville.  Dunbar Cave was used by Roy Acuff ,King of Country Music and American Record  Company recording artist as a stage. This singer that once wanted to play […]

Experiencing History at The Wolcott House Museum Complex

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When Annie Jansen and I played tourist at the beautiful Wolcott House that is just one of several buildings in the Museum Complex, I must say it was love at first sight.  The huge porch and white paint welcomed us right in along with the director, Amanda Vaughan.  It was late in the day and […]