Ohio River

The Old Rose Hotel, the oldest Hotel in the State of Illinois

Bruce and Sue Hemphill, owners of the River Rose Inn are to take over management of the Old Rose Hotel as of May 2014. The owners look forward to managing this historic hotel that is owned by the State of Illinois. The hotel was built by James B. McFarlan around 1804-1812. Before being named Elizabethtown, […]

River Rose Inn, a B&B along the Ohio River

On a recent travel writing tour in southern Illinois, I was blessed to stop at the lovely River Rose Inn where they served us lunch from the nearby E’Town River Restaurant. The home was built in 1914 and offers five rooms and a private cottage. Log onto http://www.riveroseinn.com/ for details about the bed and breakfast […]

Cave in Rock, an Illinois cave with pirate history! - Picture by Rose Hammitt

Cave in Rock is a place where legends and folklore combine. Not sure of the exact history, locals say that pirates and counterfeiters stayed and conducted nefarious activities. The fact that we know for sure is that Indians used the cave as did those traveling up and down the Ohio River The area around the […]