A man and his land rover in Mahone Bay

Patrick South uses his 1961 Series II Land Rover to deliver kayaks and paddle boards for his rental business in Mahone Bay. This land rover has quite the history. He and his dad built this together when he was around 13. The land rover caught fire once and the rover sat idle until Patrick rebuilt […]

Amos Pewter in Mahone Bay offers lovely selection

When I travel, jewelry is my go to souvenir to bring home. While traveling in Nova Scotia, my buy was pewter jewelry from Amos Pewter. Established in 1974, Helga Cookstone, a clerk at the shop shared that this year is their 40th anniversary. Besides offering quality hand made items, what was also very neat about […]

The mystery of Oak Island, a storty that legends are made of

So, while staying at Atlantica Hotel & Marina Oak Island with a group of travel writers, Charlie Barkhouse a historian for the mysterious Oak Island told us the legend that had led to the History Channel series, Curse of Oak Island. “I am surprised by how popular it is,” Charlie said. When he spoke to […]

Prepare before heading out into the woods

Summer time, sweet summer time means camping, hiking, boating and all the outdoor activities. However as the old saying by Benjamin Franklin goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. So take precautions before hitting the outdoor road. Janak Koirala, MD, Professor and Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases at the Southern Illinois […]

Chef Konrad serves up mussels at the lovely Atlantica Hotel & Marina Oak Island

During my trip to Nova Scotia, I stayed at the lovely Atlantica Hotel & Marina Oak Island ( The hotel reminded me a bit of the resort in the movie Dirty Dancing. There were plenty of activities from trails to walk to swimming to spa treatments and mini golf, tennis, fire pits and more to […]