June 2015

Travel Insurance? Should you or shouldn’t you? I think when traveling with airfare that it is always a good idea. I know a couple years ago when we went to Agritechnica that my husband was unable to go and the insurance was a life saver. Whether you think you should take it out or not […]

Traveling Tractors - all for a good cause!

Calvin Elder’s farm is in rural Mt. Auburn and today the farm was the site of a tractor drive. Antique tractor collectors that were mostly Ansar Shriners and Ag Corps members brought their tractors for the 27 mile drive for fun and to raise money for a good cause. The funds go to the Ansars […]

All Locked Up - in the Brussels calaboose - Photo by Keith ladage

Recently we headed south and took a ride on the Brussels ferry ate at the wonderful Wittmond hotel then checked out the rest of the town. One little building caught our attention and I had to stick my head in. The building was the historic jail that originally called “the calaboose” by the locals. I […]

My brush with Irma Harding at the Red Power Round UP

This week at the Red Power Round Up I had a chance to take my picture with Irma Harding, International Harvester’s Golden Girl. The brush with the famous I.H. was only with the cardboard version, but I also had a brush with two other real-life Irma fans. At the Round Up, held in Sedalia, Missouri, […]

Lots of travel is coming up and we wanted a quiet day, a memory filled day for my husband’s birthday celebration. He loves backwoods roads and it was a treat to ride on the Brussels Ferry http://www.greatriverroad.com/secondarypages/ferries.htm on our way to dine at the historic Wittmond hotel. The Ferry ride is a short one, but […]

The art, the statues bring life to a city and this was so true at Puerto Vallarta. It was a Scavenger Hunt that brought a group of travel writers to Puerto Vallarta’s Los Muertos Pier. The lovely structure at the end reminds me of a sailboat. The sculpture has lights and changes colors at night. […]

There are a great many statues in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, but perhaps the most fascinating sculpture story is of the “The Boy on the Seahorse”. While in town for a conference I took a downtown tour and the guide said, “This statue embodies Puerto Vallarta’s spirit. The statue tells the story about a little boy […]

Blues Land the Kentucky Headhunters new album with Johnnie Johnson is a trip down melody lane

Fred Young is a tractor collector and sometimes Keith and I find ourselves in the same places at the same time. Fred likes Farmall Red tractors, and plays the drums for the Kentucky Headhunters, a band we love. Music offers its own way of traveling, putting on a great recording sets the time and place […]

Ah the food, the views and the Mariachi bands - Puerto Vallarta style.

Cocktails and tastings at Casa Velas and Vista Grill offered up little vignettes of Mexican cooking in some of the loveliest settings I have ever seen. The opening night of the NATJA conference on the grounds of Casa Velas, an exclusive adults-only resort retreat on Mexico’s Pacific Riviera,(http://www.hotelcasavelas.com/) brought me face to face with Frida […]

El Arrayan Cooking Class

Carmen Porras has the patience of Job. She invited a group of travel writers into her restaurant to try our hands at cooking some traditional recipes. My friend Linda Spanberger traveled with me for this wonderful trip and together we all crowded into El Arrayan’s kitchen to try to capture a bit of the magic […]