Travel Insurance, yes or no? A cautionary Note

Travel Insurance? Should you or shouldn’t you? I think when traveling with airfare that it is always a good idea. I know a couple years ago when we went to Agritechnica that my husband was unable to go and the insurance was a life saver. Whether you think you should take it out or not is a personal call, but I thought it worth a mention.

This morning I received a note in my email about three events3 Global Events that Assurance Insurance was highlighting that could be dangerous to participate in for tourists. This would not be a problem for me (except possibly Oktoberfest because what is more fun than Germany?).

Anyway, below is the recommendations of Assurance’s Protect Your Bubble.

“… Assurant identified three upcoming events where tourists should consider watching from the sidelines rather than fully participating in these festivals abroad:

• Running of the Bulls: Taking place in Pamplona, Spain from the 6th-14th of July. Most people observe this Spanish tradition from the balconies of buildings but every year hundreds of locals and tourists alike test their speed and luck by running with the enormous bulls. In 2014 there were 8 goring incidents and 35 other injuries related to the event according to

• Theemithi Fire-Walking Festival: Every year in Singapore around 2,000 men dare to walk across burning hot coals in exchange for a blessing from the goddess Draupadi. This ritual begins in October and lasts through November. reveals that participants suffer severe burns to their feet and some occasionally trip and fall into the fire.

• OktoberFest: Each year in Munich, Germany in the month of October beer enthusiasts from around the world gather to take part in the alcoholic festivities. But being under the influence can lead to injury and sometimes death. According to an article on, over 450 people were injured and 638 people drank themselves unconscious and needed medical attention at last year’s festival.

Traveling with safety in mind whether in the US on the coastline, up a mountain, or just driving down the road always makes sense. The unexpected can happen at any time and it just makes sense to be prepared. Have your insurance up to date, all your information with you and a first aid kit in the back of the car. On our way down south last week, there were numerous monsoon rainstorms where luckily we were able to stop and avoid incident, but starting out with a Travel Prayer as my mom always advices and being prepared is numero Uno.

Safe travels!