The First Confederate Whitehouse located in Montgomery, AL (picture by Keith Ladage_

Being from the Land of Lincoln (or as the guide at the Shiloh Battle Ground called it Land of Douglas preferring not to say the “L” word) my husband and I are interested in most things to do with the Civil War. When I learned that there was Confederate Whitehouse, an executive mansion where Jefferson […]

Shiloh, a battle to be remembered

On our way south we stopped at a historic site in Shiloh, TN. What appears today to be a serene scene filled with monuments and clipped grass is the very site that over a two day period over 23,000 men either died or were, wounded or missing. This was one of the bloodiest battles of […]

Warner Robins Museum of Avaiation

Okay, I admit I like history, but while I enjoyed this museum that is one of the largest aviation museums in the United States my husband loved it. He spent HOURS looking through the amazing planes, aviation vehicles and exhibits. With More than 90 aircraft on public display one of the best things about this […]