From Puerto Vallerta to Portland!

portland 067

It was a culture shock for sure just recently off the plane from the beautiful tropical Puerto Vallarta to the Portland Indiana swap meet. I traded ocean breezes for chilly wind whipping my hair under the hood of my sweat shirt as I tried to keep warm. But I must say, everyplace has its beauty and some of the neat machinery I found at Portland had a raw beauty all its own.

Who would’nt love Ed Pratt’s very cool Nordskog that he was kind enough to let me pose in. I saw Whizzer bikes, an old Harley and my favorite of the day, a 1918 Dart truck with wooden wheels. Not far behind was the Van Brunt drill that was bought new in 1928 and has just come off a three generation farm.

Beauty is where you find it whether beaches or swap meets! Log onto for information about the August tractor show or the October meet.