Southern Culinary Delights

The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort hosted a Southern Culinary event, and I was invited along with other travel writers to mosey down south to this beautiful site and stay at the amazing hotel that is steeped in history that includes Indian, French, Spanish and English settlers.  First established in 1935 as the King and Prince Club, the hotel expanded in 1941 as they added more guest rooms only to be soon taken over by the U.S. Navy as a radar training center and coast watching station.  The Navy took over the hotel after the unexpected attack.   “Images of America, St. Simons Island” written by Patricia Morris shares “With the increased shipping traffic off the coast of St. Simons Island, German U-Boat became a problem.  In April of 1942, the Esso Baton Rouge and the SS Oklahoma were attacked.”

After the war the hotel reopened and is now part of Mississippi Management Inc.

Famous for great meals like shrimp and grits, and more, Chef Jeff Kaplan and his team led by Food & Beverage Director Vinny D’Agonstino delighted travel writers to the tune of Southern cocktails and beautifully created dishes.  Tonight, I am going to try out one of those dishes on my farmer husband. The dish I am going to try to replicate is a Low Country Boil only sadly using Illinois shrimp!  I will keep you posted how my central Illinois farm version turns out!

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    FYI the Low country boil turned out well, thank you staff of King and Prince!