Sailing on the Lady Jane

Sailing on the Lady Jane

When visiting St. Simon’s Island, Georgia, I had the opportunity to go for a sail on the Lady Jane ( – a United States Coast Guard certified 49 passenger steel shrimping vessel -that is now used for educational and tourist trips.

Aspiring marine biologist Cliff Credle pulled this stingray up out of the blue ocean depths along with a variety of other ocean shrimp, a shark and an array of fish that provided a quick glimpse into what lies beneath!

This beautiful island is a great for the young at heart and anyone interested in coastal beauty.

A stay at the King & Prince Golf and Beach Resort ( is good for the soul.

During our trip on the Lady Jane, we were served fresh shrimp. You can’t beat the taste of the Tiger Shrimp pulled right out of the water along the Georgia coast.

Photographer Rose Hammitt caught a slice this wonderful tour with her camera lens!

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