Women on a mission, visited Adams Mill

Women on a mission, visited Adams Mill

It was hot, it was dusty and we wanted to see some sights. Five women at this year’s Graham Bradley show including me wanted to play tourist and see some of the local sights while in the Lafayette, Indiana area.

One sight that was on my list was the Adams Mill which was built by John Adams who selected his site when he walked along the Wildcat Creek from Lafayette toward what would become the site of Kokomo. Choosing the oxbow bend in the creek, Adams built a turbine powered mill that manufactured flour until 1953.

Inside the mill is also an Americana Museum. The mill is built in the traditional post and beam constructiont from local hand hewn lumber. There is nothing much more impressive that beams of lumber and a three story structure without a single nail.

Awed, we walked through as much as we could stand heat wise and enjoyed Al Auffart’s wonderful tour. If in the area take the time to check out this historic site that sits like a sentinel along the Wildcat Creek outside of Cutler, Indiana.. Call 765-268-2530 or log onto www.adams-mill.org for details

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