The farmhouse on Jimmy Carter’s Boyhood Home

The farmhouse on Jimmy Carter's Boyhood Home

We have always been interested in tractors and antique equipment owned by former Presidents. A visit last February to the Jimmy Carter Boyhood Farm outside of Plains, Ga was an interesting stop.

Ian Pierson, Park Guide at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site provided a tour sharing details about how the family lived. He added that the house had been restored to the 1938 pre-electricity days.
When asked whether they ever used a tractor on the farm, Ian had to ask the former President and responded a while later. “Mr. Earl Carter bought a John Deere A in 1942, but President Carter said he would only use it to break ground.”

Jimmy Carter’s boyhood farm is located near the community of Archery which is just a stone throw’s two and one-half miles away. The Jimmy Carter Boyhood Farm is part of the National Historic Site. The farm includes the house outbuildings and the general store that sits alongside the farmhouse near the clay tennis court that Ian said, Jimmy Carter played on in his youth.

While we didn’t find tractors, we did find an array of plows and a one lovely windmill! Whatever your political leanings, it is a nice stop for anyone interested in history and farming circa 1940.

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