John Deere Pavilion – What’s New?

John Deere Pavilion - What's New?

Even if you stop once a year at the John Deere Pavilion you will always find something new and different to see. At our last stop in Moline, we saw items both old and new. We saw a John Deere machine that cuts down trees. The machine appeared to have grasshopper type of legs that move around the forest and a clamp that literally grabs the tree. This machine could be the basis of a sci-fi episode, “She ran, hiding behind the trees, but the creature continued to follow, uprooting trees and removing anything in its path!”
For the more down to earth older John Deere beauty, I loved the Serves vase from the 1878 Paris Exposition. Collectors will be delighted by the beauty of the vase and the new promotional section covering a bit of John Deere marketing.
John Deere technology is also on hand with a 4020 tractor that shows the inner workings. Anyone that loves John Deere green will want to plan a stop to the Pavilion as part of their New Year’s travel agenda!

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